Diagrams releases Einstein-inspired song

Sam Genders
Sam Genders

Diagrams main man Sam Genders

It’s all relative for the Sheffield-based songwriter Sam Genders on his brand new track ‘General Relativity’, which is out today

Earlier this year we interviewed the former Tunng and current Diagrams frontman Sam Genders. Now he’s back and it’s with a track that’s inspired by Albert Einstein’s revolutionary theory of general relativity.

The song is entitled General Relativity and sees Genders working with the Sheffield based producer and multi-instrumentalist Martin Gregory, with the video created by designer/animator James Bates.

Genders had this to say of General Relativity‘s inspiration: “I’m fascinated by science and for a long time now I’ve usually had the latest New Scientist magazine on whatever train or tour bus I’m on. Einstein is obviously a fascinating character from a scientific point of view but he also gives the impression of having had a side to him that links him to the great artists, writers and mystics. That strong link to intuition and a creative mindset. Perhaps that’s part of what attracts me to his theories.”

General Relativity is out today (25 November), with its release timed to mark the 100 year anniversary of the last of Albert Einstein’s lectures, where he put forward his theory of general relativity.

You can see the video for General Relativity below.

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