‘Rare Monk’ by Rare Monk (EP)

Rare Monk EP cover
Rare Monk

Portland-based band Rare Monk: both expansive in their sound and considered in their message

With a cautionary warning for humanity underpinning their indie rock sound, this Portland-based outfit have delivered a rallying musical cry

Rare Monk EP coverCombing the jagged-edged indie of Sonic Youth with the bombastic pop rock of The Killers, this new release from Portland-based band Rare Monk is a powerful manifesto on the current plight of the world.

The EP kicks off with California (Will Burn) and singer Dorian Aites decrying the general malaise which will ultimately bring on the apocalypse: “We should have tested the air,” he bemoans. The admonishment continues on the equally anthemic Warning Pulse. The Only Reason To Tour The Midwest is an altogether edgier sound, with a chiming guitar leading the way. Closing track Light Years is a slow-building climax, which adds some atmospheric violin to the mix.

Rare Monk shows the band to be both expansive in their sound and considered in their message, and although it is slightly derivative in places, you’re largely left with a sense that this is a band worth persevering with.

Verdict: Epic and apocalyptic rock

Duncan Haskell

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