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SongCat: a collaborative company that always welcomes input from aspiring musicians

The online studio service expands to offer songwriters, singers and musicians a new collaboration platform and free monthly video series

Online music production studio, SongCat is releasing a video series that enables music industry insiders and professionals to give useful advice to amateur and aspiring musicians, starting in January 2016. Based in Springfield, Missouri, SongCat already partner with studios in Chicago, IL and West Palm Beach, Florida, to help songwriters, singers and other musicians to achieve a radio-friendly sound to their music, and the video content aims to help musicians further during the early stages of their career.

“We are offering a free monthly video series where established songwriters and other industry insiders give upcoming songwriters tips on how to improve their songwriting skills and break into the market,” explains SongCat CEO and Head Of Production, Chris Erhardt. “Anyone with a topic in mind for the video series is welcomed to email their suggestions to us or through our online form at and we’ll consider using it. We are a collaborative company that always welcomes input from aspiring musicians.”

Additionally, SongCat has come out with a free service that allows amateur and professional musicians to meet online and collaborate with each other on their music projects. Composers and songwriters will be able to collaborate with other skilled musicians, working remotely, to create songs together. Plus, by collaborating, both of the involved musicians contribute to the expenses, halving their music production costs. Then, once the song is finished, collaborators can work together to promote their material, tapping into each of their networks and extend their marketing opportunities.

Once a draft ‘work tape’ is created by the two collaborators, SongCat will take over and produce a high quality recording of the song. For more details and to create your ‘Collaboration Match’ profile, go to:

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