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Conor Oberst to release new solo album

Bright Eyes

Conor Oberst releases his latest solo album this autumn. Image by Davinic. Creative Commons

Bright Eyes frontman will release his seventh solo studio album, the followup to 2014s’ ‘Upside Down Mountain’, this coming October

Last year Bright Eyes songwriter and frontman Conor Oberst delighted his fans with the surprise release of a first album by Desaparecidos in 13 years. It may have been just two years since his last solo album but Oberst’s fans will be similarly pleased to hear another is imminent.

Entitled Ruminations, Oberst’s seventh album will be released via Nonesuch Records on 14 October and follows 2014s’ Upside Down Mountain, which made it to No 19 on the US Billboard 200.

In a press release Oberst describes how Ruminations came about, explaining: “I wasn’t expecting to write a record. I honestly wasn’t expecting to do much of anything. Winter in Omaha can have a paralysing effect on a person but in this case it worked in my favour. I was just staying up late every night playing piano and watching the snow pile up outside the window. Next thing I knew I had burned through all the firewood in the garage and had more than enough songs for a record. I recorded them quick to get them down but then it just felt right to leave them alone.”

Oberst released his debut album Water in 1993 aged just 13. He has since gone on to achieve enormous success, most notably as the frontman and principal songwriter of the much loved indie-rock group Bright Eyes.

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