Arcade Fire release details of upcoming album

Arcade Fire
Arcade Fire's fifth album could be out next Spring. Image by takaravu. Creative Commons

Arcade Fire’s fifth album could be out next Spring

Record will be the multi-platinum band’s first album since 2013’s hugely successful LP ‘Reflektor’ and will be their fifth album

It’s been three years since their last album and fans of the enormously successful indie-rock Arcade troupe will delighted to hear news of their next record.

Speaking in as part of a Reddit AMA to mark the release, band member Will Butler said that he thought the band’s fifth album would “probably” be released spring in Spring 2016. He did caution, though, that there’s no “definite schedule” and that the record will “be done when it’s done”.

Speaking previously in NME, Butler said: “We’re all itching to play music together and start recording things. We’re basically in the demo and play together phase, and historically that’s led to realising that, surprisingly, we’re 30 per cent into a record, so we’ll see if that happens.”

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