‘Wolves’ by August And After (Single)

August And After
August And After

August And After (left to right): Ned Mortimer, Jordan Bergmans and Vedantha Kumar

With so many exponents, it’s a struggle to hear indie-folk’s voice amidst the din. Thankfully, this trio can whisper loudly

August And AfterA beautiful symphony of strings and percussion bring together this impressive three-piece band from London on their brand new track Wolves. The band’s name suggests an admiration for Counting Crows’ debut album August And Everything After, and certainly their music shares similar themes with Adam Duritz’s much loved rock troupe. However, they’ve chosen a more dialled down indie-folk tone.

Wolves is a song about a malevolent internal voice that prevents one’s self from the ability to commit within a relationship, due to the demons or ‘wolves’ of that person’s past – “unable to open, but crying inside… oh, trust me, I tried.” It’s pure and untainted, so much so that you can hear the pain in lead singer Vedantha Kumar’s voice. Ned Mortimer offers perfectly balanced harmony and Jordan Bergmans is multi-talented on viola and piano.

This song is recorded and mixed perfectly, but it could be a showstopper when performed live.

Verdict: Indie-folk just found a new voice

Jenny Lyne

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