Blink 182 vinyl cover

Vinyl Collection by Blink 182 (Boxset)

Blink 182 vinyl boxset

Blink 182’s vinyl boxset: their first six studio albums, plus their much revered live album

After a career spanning three decades, the world’s favourite pop-punk band is being celebrated with a limited edition vinyl boxset

Blink 182 vinyl coverHaving emerged from the California punk scene in the mid-90’s, Blink 182 are probably the world’s best known pop-punk band. In celebration of the band’s 25-year career, Universal have re-released their first six studio albums, plus their much revered live album.

No matter how watered down the pop-punk scene has become over the years, with bands desperately trying to tap into the market made popular by the likes of Blink 182, these albums are some of the most timeless and revisited that the genre will ever produce. The collection includes the mammoth releases Enema Of The State and Take Off Your Pants And Jacket. Both albums are responsible for placing the band at the forefront of the pop- punk movement. Dude Ranch is another stand out from the box set and an is album that is often considered one of the best pop-punk records of all time.

The albums are initially available in a limited edition box-set, consisting of 10 heavyweight 180-gram vinyl with MP3 downloads. Also included are 29 hidden tracks of on stage antics taken from The Mark, Tom And Travis Show live album. If you’ve never been to a Blink show, these recordings will prove what you’ve been missing out on. The records will then be made available to purchase individually. Some of those box sets will come with exclusive stickers and a slipmat. However, those editions are only available via uDiscover.

Re-releasing the albums onto vinyl will excite collectors and fans who are into vinyl. However, the idea of a few stickers and a slipmat isn’t going to motivate too many people to purchase their first record player. It would have been more fitting for a band of this stature to be celebrated in a more outlandish and thought-provoking way. Most fans will just keep listening to their old CDs.

Verdict: A nice box set with some nice touches – better extras needed

Dave Chrzanowski

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