The Holding by Hillström & Billy (Single)

Hillström & Billy – ‘The Holding’ cover
Hillström & Billy

Hillström & Billy’s The Holding – triumphant in its fragility

Once a solo effort and now a sprawling musical collective, Hillström & Billy have captured something magical on ‘The Holding’

Hillström & Billy – 'The Holding' coverillström & Billy started out as a one-man band but have grown into a collective of musicians with Peter Hillström at the helm. As the cast has increased, so has the group’s sonic palette and now, with new single The Holding, they have created a jam which is up there with the most cosmic My Morning Jacket numbers.

Hillström opens the track singing “I was home, I was broken / words won’t treat me right” in a voice which is part Jim James and part Neil Young. It is triumphant in its fragility. With each new phrase, additional instrumentation joins the party, with slide guitar and violin adding a distinctive country vibe to proceedings.

At just 2:54 there isn’t quite enough time for The Holding to soar away as it perhaps could. In this contained guise it is a dose of dreamy medicine which will wash over you and provide a brief respite from the crush.

Verdict: A lulling country jam.

Duncan Haskell

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