BandLab online collaboration platform expands


BandLab: “the first truly cross-platform, multi-track DAW”

The first free, cloud-based platform multi-track DAW now includes a Pro Mix Editor for Android, with more extensions coming soon

BandLab, the first free, cloud-based platform for musicians to capture ideas and create new songs in collaboration with musicians, has announced the launch of its Pro Mix Editor for Android. In the coming weeks, BandLab will release other new features, including a way to discover categories of music on iOS and Android, and a new Web MIDI Editor. All these updates will be available by downloading and signing up for BandLab on iOS, Android and via the web.

When Android users click the Pro Mode button on their BandLab recording screen, a 12-track Mix Editor now opens. Android users can now import audio and add vocals, instruments and ambient sounds. User content is now sorted by categories, to make it easier for musicians and fans to find the music they like and find new collaboration opportunities with other artists.

BandLab’s new MIDI Editor turns every note played into a square on a musical grid. These squares can then be placed correctly on the timeline — either manually or using BandLab’s automated quantization tool. The notes can also be deleted, moved, stretched or have their velocity increased or decreased to change their sound. Once the notes are in place, users can also change them to a different MIDI sound bank, such as changing a piano part to drums or guitar. The BandLab MIDI editor will automatically detect when a MIDI device like a keyboard or a pad controller is connected. Users can also play the onboard instruments to create MIDI music directly from the desktop.

“These are all major updates for BandLab, and we’re very excited to be releasing them all in the same month,” commented BandLab’s CEO, Meng Ru Kuok. “Together, the Android Pro Mix Editor and the web-based MIDI Editor (in addition to our existing cloud storage) make BandLab the first truly cross-platform, multi-track DAW. So now musicians can express their creativity and collaborate on songs—wherever they are. While the new Explore page on iOS and Android will make it even easier for musicians to find the music they love, the inspiration they’re looking for and new opportunities to collaborate.”

The BandLab Android Pro Mix Editor officially launched worldwide this week, with the MIDI Editor and the new Explore feature for iOS and Android coming soon. The free BandLab mobile app is available to download free from iTunes or Google Play. For more details and to sign up for free, visit:

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