Moviestar ‘Stupid People Happy Days’ album cover

‘Stupid People/Happy Days’ by Moviestar (Album)


Moviestar: angry at the way the planet is being treated

There is a smattering of retro art rock amongst the zany, sci-fi punk brought to Earth by these interdimensional explorers

Moviestar 'Stupid People Happy Days' album coverThat’s right, interdimensional explorers. After travelling through a wormhole and arriving in Norway, Moviestar are angry at the way the planet is being treated. So, to convey their disgruntlement, the band have turned up the dial on the fuzz box and recorded some songs – and they’re pretty good, to say the least.

Stupid People is the first song on the album; following on from one of those intro tracks, as heard on 90s hip hop and 00s nu-metal albums. It’s got a biting guitar that wouldn’t be out of place on a Wire song. The lyric “there’s too much Botox” warns us of the destructive nature of vanity. It’s a whirlwind of a song that throws punches like a prize-fighter.

The next two songs, Chosen Ones and Fortune Teller, greatly differ from their predecessor. The latter is a feisty electro-grunge fusion, that sounds like it was written for a film score. While the former is a stripped back mission statement that floats along, gently sweeping up everything in its path. The other seven songs continue in the same vein, recycling the band’s electro, grunge, and art rock influences.

It’s easy to see why Moviestar has been compared to David Bowie, especially Ziggy Stardust, and Freddie Mercury. Two artists that once encapsulated people’s vision of the future, with shiny jumpsuits and androgynous features. Call them quirky, or call them oddities, but Moviestar bring a bit of fun to an angry world.

Verdict: There’s clear artistic direction, but the songs won’t be everyone’s flavour

Dave Chrzanowski

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