‘She Knows’ by HAWK (EP)


HAWK: bursting to life

The Berlin-based band returns with a new EP and an emergent brooding sound, matching their growing discomfort with the world

HAWK 'She Knows' EP coverThe atmospheric Intro crashes into Take It Away as the new EP by HAWK comes bursting to life. The song was written as a reaction to a friend being followed home after a night out and being told that they “shouldn’t have been out on her own at that time,” and as it ebbs and flows you can hear the frustration and anger at such outdated sentiments.

Each of the tracks finds the band embracing the darker side of their talents, a distinct shift from their earliest work, yet within their changing landscape the inviting voice of Julie Hawk remains the centre piece of the Berlin-based group’s appeal. It swoons on the shoegazey Static and rallies against the contradictions of female body image on Mirror Maze.

Fans of Waxahatchee and Torres will delight in these five tracks. The full on attack of Ghosts is a fitting end for an EP that manages to marry its strong message with gritty songcraft. Expansive and expressive, this is another splendid offering from HAWK.

Verdict: Sonic songcraft with a social conscience

Duncan Haskell

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