Joanna Newsom releases her first new material in five years

Joanna Newsom
Joanna Newsom

’Sapokanikan’ is Joanna Newsom’s first new music in five years

Joanna Newsom has released her first new song in half-a-decade, as well as announcing her first new album since 2010

averick songwriter Joanna Newsom has revealed her first new material in half-a-decade and announced that she will release her fourth album this October. The new material is the song Sapokanikan and it comes with a video directed by Paul Thomas Anderson – famed for directing Boogie Nights, There Will Be Blood and Magnolia.

Though Sapokanikan is Newsom’s first new music in five years she has offered fans some snippets since she released her 2010 album Have One On Me, with both The Diver’s Wife and Look And Despair getting the live treatment. Now, though, fans will finally get a follow-up to Have One On Me. Entitled Divers, Newsom’s fourth album will be released on 23 October and features 11 tracks.

You can see the full track listing for Divers and catch the video for Sapokanikan below:

01. Anecdotes
02. Sapokanikan
03. Leaving The City
04. Goose Eggs
05. Waltz Of The 101st Lightborne
06.The Things I Say
07. Divers
08. Same Old Man
09. You Will Not Take My Heart Alive
10. A Pin-Light Bent
11. Time, As A Symptom

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