Right Or Wrong by The Outs (Single)

The Outs Right Or Wrong

The Outs

Brazilian retro-rockers The Outs brazenly hark back to the days when Oasis reimagined the works of others in glorious rebellion.

The Outs Right Or Wrong

t seems odd to think that it’s almost 20 years since Oasis announced themselves to the world with Definitely Maybe’s gloriously scuzzy reimagining of Beatles melodies, laced with Liam’s snarl and full of youthful, alcohol-soaked rebellion. 20 years. Try telling that to Brazilian retro rockers The Outs.

Opening with a bassline that could have been ripped straight from the Ray Manzarek chord book, their single Right Or Wrong is imbued with the same spirit that turned the Gallagher brothers from cocky upstarts to. . . rich and famous cocky upstarts. Singer Tiago Carneiro even sounds as though he learnt English from listening solely to Definitely Maybe. Imagine that, Liam Gallagher giving English lessons.

It’s not all worshiping at the altar of Oasis, though: the guitar work has echoes of the brilliant, but criminally underrated blues-mod rockers Ocean Colour Scene and gives a less affronting, but no less effervescent sense of rebellion. It can be a tricky thing, to work in the shadow of such noted influences, but there’s something endearing about how brazen The Outs are with letting the listener know who has inspired their music; something endearing and altogether familiar.

Nearly 20 years ago a bunch of Manchester lads changed the face of British music by adopting such an approach. Can The Outs have such an impact? Let’s return to that question in 20 years.

Verdict: Retro-rock inspired by Manchester’s most notorious brothers

Damien Girling

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  1. Mollon

    I’m really proud to see them here, I’m a fan since the beggining of this band. Since the light of life, since the craddle. Tears are all over my face at this marvelous moment.

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