Pins by Natalie McCool (Single)

Natalie McCool Single Pins
Natalie McCool

‘Pins’ sees Natalie McCool diving into the more electronic side of alternative pop

Natalie McCool’s new single ‘Pins’ sees her adopt an almost entirely electronic sound, while keeping and exploring her authentic voice

Natalie McCool Single Pins

he last time we reviewed London-based singer-songwriter Natalie McCool was for her enchanting, emotionally charged single Dig It Out. McCool has returned six months later, almost completely jumping ships with her new single Pins. Gone is the predominantly folk-tinged atmospheric pop that was once McCool’s signature sound.

This time around, McCool has shifted her gears and dived into the more electronic side of alternative pop. Although sticking to the darker themes – the ending of a failing relationship –there’s something inherently optimistic and tenacious about the track. Now the comparisons nod to upbeat artists such as Sylvan Esso and Phantogram, rather than the emo-folk of Lucy Rose and Daughter.

McCool’s ringing vocal fluidity is prominent again. She uses vocal harmonies as an instrument that could be an addition to the meticulously layered synth patterns. The flirtation with guitars throughout the track, and the menacing array of distortion at the conclusion of Pins, give McCool a much more musically rounded and experimental edge than her peers. The chorus is confident and catchy and packs a perfect punch. Pins is the first track from her new EP due to drop this year and it’s a promising introduction to a well thought-out, shifted sound.

Verdict: A bold step into new territory has definitely worked in McCool’s favour

Tilly Dowman

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