Omega Male by Omega Male (Album)

Omega Male sleeve

Omega Male’s debut crackles with tension and fight. With humorous digital melodies, this is disco pop at its most sardonic.

Omega Male s soon as I heard the first few lines of Omega Male’s album I thought of Fujiya & Miyagi, who share the same kind of soft, dulcet male vocals. It’s unsurprising that I would find it so similar, because David Best lends his voice to both groups. The second musician in this exciting new duo is Sammy Rubin from Project Jenny Project Jan.

They prescribe the Omega Male project as the opposite of an alpha male (“why try when you are just going to fail/we are the Omega Male”) and despite their self-deprecating words, their medicine is their conviction, which is something that shouldn’t be underestimated. Blue Narcissus is a political jab while Wax & Glue describes the creation (and destruction) of voodoo dolls, with each song having an underlying aggression. What is most prominent in this band – which isn’t often found in this kind of electronic indie – is that they are able to make fun of themselves – a bit of dry humour is always slipped between different waves of chorus.

The album is a cheeky grip of electronic experimental and indie that will have you chair dancing at first listen. Not only does it sound like Fujiya & Miyagi’s spotty teenaged (omega) brother had a try at digital and did something right, their music has the same indietronica feel to it as James Pants or LCD Soundsystem.

Verdict: Packed full of passive-aggressive armchair-dancing beats

Scarlet Parker

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