‘Never Let You Go’ by Bugeye (EP)

Bugeye ‘Never Let You Go’ EP cover

Bugeye: first formed in the late 90s

Harking back to the halcyon days of disco-inspired indie, this EP will get you on to the dancefloor once again

Bugeye 'Never Let You Go' EP coverBugeye first formed in the late 90s and, having subsequently split, they’ve got back together and have dropped their new EP. The indie disco of their formative years still informs their sound and there’s plenty of Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Gossip sweeping through these three tracks, as they try to get London dancing to their groovy beat once again.

As opener Disco Dancer stomps forth it brings to mind The Rapture at their most jealous. Angela Martin’s voice is as sneering as it is enticing and weaves its way between the lively rhythm section. Helga continues the hip shaking as riffs collide with the frantic drum work of Jack Houston. Never Let You Go is the most intriguing song of the short set as the band brew an edgy after dark concoction where vocals and guitar match each other and the tom toms grumble their appreciation.

With this EP, Bugeye have managed to make you pine for an era you didn’t know you missed. Their nostalgia is charming and more than makes up for any lack of progression in their sound. For these three tracks, let’s party likes it’s 2003.

Verdict: The indie disco that time forgot

Duncan Haskell

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