Jerome (liar) by Joanna Gruesome (Single)

Joanna Gruesome – Jerome (Liar)

Joanna Gruesome

Joanna Gruesome return with their first new material of 2014 and reaffirm their status as one of indie-rock’s brightest stars


fter releasing one of 2013’s true gems with their debut LP Weird Sister, it’s been a long wait for new material from Seattle86 heroes Joanna Gruesome. Jerome (liar) – taken from the upcoming split single with Trust Fund – arrives not a moment too soon.

It quickly becomes clear that 2014 has done nothing to diminish their skill for mixing melody with energy. The verse switches between a weaving guitar line – like a less compressed sister to Bratmobile’s Cherry Bomb – and the band’s signature post-hardcore fence, erected for them to rail and thrash against, while the chorus sees an explicit shift deeper still into the womb of C86. It could sit so happily alongside the likes of Hand In Glove and Handsome Devil, that Johnny Marr might wonder if it was he who wrote it.

Jerome (liar) sees Joanna Gruesome’s synthesis of Hatful Of Hollow, Tiger Trap and Incesticide grow ever more refined. With confidence in their ability dripping from every sinew, it’s a lean pop beast that hints at true greatness.

Verdict: The Smiths go hardcore

Damien Girling

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