‘Home’ by Little May (Single)

Little May – Home
Little May

Little May’s new single has “both a chart-ready feel and more than enough sincerity to keep the critics cooing”

On their new single ‘Home’, the indie trio Little May display the potential to be chart dwellers of serious note

Little May - Homeustralian indie trio Little May have drummed up a lot of interest in the last few months. Having topped the Hype Machine charts three times and gained over seven million plays on Spotify for their song Boardwalks, they’re being tipped for big things in 2015. So how does their new single Home stand up?

Opening with a clattering of piano and moody synths akin to Clint Mansell’s iconic Requiem For A Dream music, there’s an early sense that Home will be an emotional slog. That doesn’t quite transpire, though, with the mood kept from falling into coal black territory by a combination of warm vocals and a mastery of using darker sensibilities to write pop music, rather than taking the pop song as a vehicle for catharsis. The overall effect is a song that has both a chart-ready feel and more than enough sincerity to keep the critics cooing.

Every year sees an ocean of artists tipped for greatness, but by its close those deep waters have all but evaporated and often it’s those who arrive unheralded that rise up into the stratosphere. On Home, though, Little May display that rare quality of having the songs to match the hype. 2015 could indeed be their year.

Verdict: Indie with a dark pop sheen

Damien Girling

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