Hammer And A Nail by Vienna Ditto (Single)

Vienna Ditto – Hammer And A Nail cover
Vienna Ditto

Vienna Ditto’s Hatty Taylor – seductive and terrifying in equal measure

A warped and demented joyride, ‘Hammer And A Nail’ proves that Vienna Ditto really are ones to watch this year

Vienna Ditto – Hammer And A Nail coverammer And A Nail, the new single from the London-based duo Vienna Ditto, is a sultry shudder-inducing bag of tricks and spells. It starts with a strumming guitar before a broomstick quickly comes along and whisks the band away into a magical kingdom of effects and crazy instrumentation.

Managing to be at once both menacing and fun, this kaleidoscopic soundscape never outshines Hatty Taylor’s wicked vocals – a cousin of the Witches Of Oz whose singing is seductive and terrifying in equal measure.

Big things are expected from the band and rightly so as quirky production is matched by innovative songwriting. This menagerie of noise sounds like futuristic voodoo, a potty Portishead soundtracking a cannibalistic ritual in space. Accessible yet unique, Vienna Ditto have nailed it this time.

Verdict: Bags of fun and a little scary.

Duncan Haskell

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