‘Half Way Up’ by Rob Richings (EP)

Rob Richings ‘Half Way Up’ EP cover
Rob Richings

Rob Richings: has produced a debut EP full of both pathos and positivity

Having overcome serious illness, this Swindon troubadour has released a promising debut EP containing his sincere observations on everyday life

Rob Richings 'Half Way Up' EP coverDiagnosed with a rare form of colitis in 2009, Swindon troubadour Rob Richings has faced a long battle with illness. Thankfully, three life changing operations have enabled him to pursue his musical ambition and the resulting debut EP is full of both pathos and positivity.

The EP consists of four tracks and opens with the sweeping waltz Lord In The Attic, which places Richings’ lyrical imagery at the forefront. The vivid storytelling continues on Carnival, featuring “a priest with a bible / a gangster with rivals” – it is a similarly paced acoustic psalm. The uptempo Richer Man has the observational appeal of Paul Heaton; a snapshot of small town life in the English suburbs.

Half Way Up completes the set, a surprisingly pessimistic song considering the obstacles he has already overcome. Thankfully, though, the lasting impression is a triumphant one and it’s clear that making music has provided Richings with much catharsis – now we too are able to enjoy these tunes.

Verdict: A singer-songwriter armed with great lyrics

Duncan Haskell

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