‘Glory Bound’ by The Grahams (Album)

The Grahams ‘Glory Bound’ album cover
The Grahams

The Grahams: Alyssa and Doug. Pic: David Johnson

The husband and wife duo’s new album of rootsy Americana takes the listener on a dusty rail journey across America

The Grahams 'Glory Bound' album coverOn their first album, Riverman’s Daughter, The Grahams travelled along the Mississippi’s Great River Road, reflecting this expedition in their rootsy music. This time around they’ve taken to the railways in order to chronicle the timeworn connection between train travel and the Americana music it has often inspired. Following in these footsteps/ rail tracks of their predecessors gives Glory Bound a truly authentic edge.

Every track tries to evoke the motions and rhythm of the railway. Starting with the title track and Alyssa singing “wish I hadn’t done the things I did when I was young” it’s a platform side regret at the beginning of the journey. This feeling may come from a howling harmonica, Gambling Girl, or it may come from a sweeping narrative, Blow Wind Blow, but it’s ever present. The tempo ranges from frantic country romps like Kansas City to gentle lullabies like Mama and Biscuits. As with any long distance travel, the momentum ebbs and flows until we literally reach the Promised Land at the end of a long road.

Binding Glory Bound together is the expert musicianship on display. Alyssa and Doug are skilled guitarists and their support cast, including the legendary fiddler Byron Berline, provide the ideal engine to propel them across the land. From start to finish, this album is a ride worth taking.

Verdict: Timeless Americana

Duncan Haskell

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