Forever by Painted Palms (Single)

Painted Palms artwork

Painted Palms

Two (geographically) distant US cousins serve up an impressive debut single that blends influences from 60s psychedelia and 90s Britpop

Painted Palms artwork

ousins Reese Donahue and Christopher Prudhomme are Painted Palms. But despite sharing a blood line, the same can’t be said for their postcodes. The pair created Forever, the first track from their soon-to-be-released debut album of the same name whilst living 2,000 miles apart and collaborating over the internet. It’s an uber modern way to work but the integrity of their art has not suffered, Forever exudes classic songwriting prowess.

The single explodes straight into a lo-fi verse, reminiscent of 90s British indie with the vocals strained but endearing. There is power behind them but it’s suppressed, as they peak and drop in an almost dream-like melody. But before you get carried away with this electro-charged homage to Supergrass, you are treated to a chorus straight out of the 1960s. Despite the obvious American accents, the chorus to Forever is unashamedly British, with a Beatles-inspired hook, chord sequence and harmonies. The second verse introduces a heavily distorted guitar: confident and driving, this welcome addition pushes the song forward. Then, as abruptly as it began, so to does it finish.

It’s a psychedelic slap in the face: mature, self-assured and a stunning prelude to what promise to be an exciting album.

Verdict: A clever, modern take on a genre that still excites, decades on from its conception

Kieron Allen

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