EXCLUSIVE! ‘War On Dreams’ & ‘Just Another Scratch’ by Ruth A-D

Ruth A-D
Ruth A-D

Doing it herself: Ruth A-D

The Sussex-based artist releases not one but two singles at once – and you can hear them both first here

Ruth A-D WOD singleRegular readers may recall that Ruth A-D featured in the ‘Introducing…’ section in Issue 1 of the Songwriting app, when we told you that her debut EP was “coming soon”. Well, 12 months on that EP still hasn’t quite emerged – but it’s definitely coming early in the new year, and tomorrow (Friday 20 November), Ruth’s releasing two singles to prove it!

The reason the EP’s taken a little while is that since we last spoke, Ruth’s decided that working with producers and engineers doesn’t really work for her, so she’s built her own Monster Crèche Studios at her home in Sussex, and is now recording, producing and mixing everything herself. As she puts it: “Most artists would prefer to see a painting through to completion without anyone else taking a brush to their canvas. That’s how I feel about my music.”

Ruth A-D scratch singleThe first fruits of her labours to emerge are the two tracks that we proudly debut today. Of War On Dreams, which was inspired by Steven Pressfield’s book The War Of Art, Ruth says: “A lot of creative people are sensitive and on occasion experience a certain amount of fear and doubt that they then do battle with. This track acknowledges that battle and the resilience required to keep going. It’s about the good fight.”

As for Just Another Scratch, Ruth tells us: “It’s about having the psychological armour to get back up after being knocked down and taking responsibility for what you make it mean. Both songs ultimately speak of resilience, hope and defiance – all important ingredients for creativity and pursing your goals.”

We can see these tracks appealing as much to fans of Massive Attack and Portishead as they do to fans of Kate Bush or Carly Simon… but see what you think!

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  1. Helen P Stephens

    I love these songs. I find myself marching up and down my studio, defiantly singing along like I’m marching into battle. Then I sit at my desk, and remind myself that it’s okay if things aren’t always going well, at least I’m working for myself, doing something I love.
    Thank goodness Ruth A-D didn’t give up. These tracks are beautiful and well worth waiting for.

  2. Jacomina Baatje

    Ruth A-D music is so beautiful, the words are heartfelt and the melodies take you on a journey you never knew you would go. I hope her music will be used as a soundtrack to a suitable film. Though listening to her music an imaginary film starts playing in your mind. A very talented lady! Congratulations Ruth on your fantastic achievement in releasing such a musical gem!

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