EXCLUSIVE! ‘Taken (Acoustic)’ by The Winter Brave

The Winter Brave
The Winter Brave

The Winter Brave: there’s no business like snow business…

The Dave Grohl-hyped US indie/garage-rock duo showcase their gentler side in this week’s new video exclusive here at Songwriting magazine

ot many up-and-coming rock acts can honestly claim to count Dave Grohl among their fans, but one outfit that can are twin brothers Jake and Sam Scarpino, AKA The Winter Brave. After the Foo Fighters man namechecked them in a Reddit AMA in winter 2013, their plays on Soundcloud rocketed, and they soon found themselves with the No 1 best-selling EP (Metaphors) on Bandcamp.

Since then, the Pennsylvanian duo have relocated to New Hampshire where they’re busy recording their debut album. They’re also about to release their third EP, The Hand You Never Seem To Lend, from which the track featured in today’s exclusive video is taken. They say of the clip: “Over the summer we’d climbed this mountain a couple of times and really loved the view from the top of the fire tower. We thought it was such an amazing view that we wanted to climb up it with instruments and have a jam session at the top. After having such a blast jamming on the top of a mountain, we wanted to capture that in a video. Taken is our softest song from the new EP, so it was natural to play among the scenery.”

We reckon Taken will appeal to fans of Coldplay or Elbow but as ever, see what you think for yourselves…

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