EXCLUSIVE! ‘Streets’ by Sofia Härdig

Sofia Härdig
Sofia Härdig

Sofia Härdig: “the next girl in experimental music”

Our second exclusive of the week comes from a deliciously murky Scandinavian alternative songwriter, who’s been called Sweden’s best-kept secret

It started with a vacuum cleaner. Swedish songwriter Sofia Härdig has been described as “the next girl in experimental music” and played with some of the most prestigious names in alternative music, including The Cardigans, Belle and Sebastian and Boredoms. However, her musical beginnings were indebted to household appliances.

During her childhood years she composed harmonies and melodies to the sound of vacuum cleaners and car engines. After taking inspiration from the likes of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and Suicide during her later years, she has developed a style that is inspired as much by seductive electronica as it is by brooding alt-rock.

Streets is Härdig’s new song and of the video she says:

“We wanted to catch the spontaneity from our improvised take on the song. With an improvised and on the go video, with all the beautiful things that we call flaws and errors kept. Catching a super 8, filmed on vacation atmosphere. The video includes a map where the world has been torn apart and glued together again. Leaving Brazil next to Stockholm, London intertwined with Amsterdam, Denmark swimming in the middle of the pacific ocean and so on. We rearranged the world. Like using old cliches: tearing them apart, throwing them in the air and finding something new, in a DIY fashion.”

Sofia Härdig has been likened to Sonic Youth, The Kills, Pixies and Le Tigre. We also think that fans of Torres, Sleater Kinney and Sofi Lofi will appreciate Streets. As always, though, we’ll leave the final assessment up to you…

Like that? Then find Sofia Härdig on Twitter and Facebook or at her own website.

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