EXCLUSIVE! ‘Still In Love’ by KayBe

23 August, 2018 in Music


KayBe: an exciting rising talent who has been singing her heart out from a young age

Ahead of her eagerly anticipated new album release, this fast-rising star shares the intriguing LP track with “no hidden meanings”

KayBe is an exciting rising talent who has been singing her heart out from a young age. For several years now she has been building up a strong fanbase and is now ready to take the world by storm with the release of her upcoming, self-written and produced, full-length album, LoveSongs.

2018 is set to be a massive year for KayBe and her new record is shaping up to be one of the most exciting releases of the year. It features a number of truly outstanding tracks and will no doubt put the rising star on the map.

Here at Songwriting Magazine we are delighted to able to bring you the exclusive premiere of an album track off KayBe’s record LoveSongs. The song we are exclusively bringing you is Still In Love.

Speaking about the track, KayBe says: “I love this song because it’s literally so simple… no hidden meanings, no reading between the lines… For whatever reason, we’ve been separated, I’ve tried to move on, I’ve done some growing, I’ve done some soul-searching… and after everything I’ve learned and found… I’m still in love with you. I think it really enraptures the simple, devoted, foundation of unconditional love.”

You can listen to Still In Love right here:

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