EXCLUSIVE! ‘Run’ by Monica Lionheart

Monica Lionheart
Monica Lionheart

Monica Lionheart. Pic by Shan DuVault

This week’s Monday exclusive sees us debuting the new video from Brooklyn artist Monica Lionheart, formerly of electro-rock outfit Zigmat


Run single artworkAnother video exclusive for you this week, as Songwriting proudly presents the world premiere of Run by Monica Lionheart, a slice of jagged, psych-tinged adult pop that also just happens to be the first single from her new album.

Berklee graduate Monica Lionheart used to be frontwoman of Zigmat, an electro-rock band based in New York, before joining world-dance fusion outfit Pacha Massive, who were signed to Nacional Records and supported the likes of Ozomatli, Los Amigos Invisible and Morcheeba. She went solo in 2011, and released her first album Indian Summer in 2012. Her second, Missed Connections, is due very soon.

Of today’s song and video, she tells us: “I wrote ​​Run when I was living in Bushwick​,​ Brooklyn. It’s about the mindset that transient people adopt when they live in New York. It’s almost set up like a trap. The city glistens with bright lights while promising gold, hypnotically calling to dreamers in the distance to escape their mundane surroundings and find themselves creatively, but they instead abandon their initial morals to keep feeding the illusion, which they know is unhealthy but are now too deeply entranced.

“The director and editor for the video, Jorge Arzac, and the assistant director, Ian Hoban, are also skilled lighting techs who shot the video with the idea of making it appear as if I’m singing from the solitude within my own mind. A light bulb flickers on and off (a symbol used to represent ideas) until the darkness (of the actual cave we shot in) is completely engulfed by thunderous lightning, crashing until it seemingly burns itself out … like the life of an artist.​”

Heady stuff, we’re sure you’ll agree. We think Run will appeal most to fans of artists such as Bjork, Goldfrapp or St Vincent, but as ever, you can make your own mind up…

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