‘The 201’ by OTHERKIN (EP)

OTHEREIN ‘The 201’ EP cover

OTHERKIN: have come up with an EP that is both accessible and a little dangerous

If raucous pop punk with a hint of grunge sounds like your bag then you’re going to love this record

OTHEREIN 'The 201' EP cover

OTHEREIN ‘The 201’ EP cover

On some occasions instant familiarity can be an absolute blessing. As is the case with Ay Ay, the opening track from OTHERKIN’s debut EP, The 201. A guitar line snakes its way round a thumping drumbeat and immediately conjures up the early 00s pop punk of The Strokes and The Hives. When the scratchy vocals join the party, you can’t help but sit back and enjoy what these Dublin rockers have to offer.

The shameless nostalgic joyride continues on Feel It, propelled by the band’s dynamite rhythm section. 20 To 11 keeps up the frenzied assault – a sweaty room shaker fit for any dive bar. Closing number Loves A Liability adds a little grunge disaffection, with singer Luke Reilly’s detached vocals slugging it out with some heavy riffs.

With as much melody as muscle, OTHERKIN have come up with an EP that is both accessible and a little dangerous. Perhaps on a full length record they might need to slow things down on occasions, but over these four tracks this sonic blitz works a treat.

Verdict: A sweaty mess to roll about with

Duncan Haskell

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