EXCLUSIVE! ‘Puzzle (Slow)’ by Rashmi


Brooklyn’s Rashmi returns with a new solo EP in September

Some lovely, gentle acoustic folk vibes for you in this week’s Thursday track exclusive, coming courtesy of Brooklyn singer-songwriter Rashmi

Rashmi Puzzlee’ve got a treat for those who like their tunes a bit more delicate this week, in the form of this gorgeous slice of acoustic folk-pop from Brooklyn’s Rashmi. Puzzle is the title track from her forthcoming six-track EP, which is out on 22 September and which follows on from her debut album Rainstorm, released way back in 2006. To be more precise, what you’re hearing today is the Puzzle (Slow) version of the title track, with Puzzle (Fast) also featuring on the EP.

Raised in the US by Indian parents, Rashmi Singh grew up listening to an eclectic mix of Hindi film music and Top 40 pop, and cites James Taylor as a key influence. She’s sung with various bands of various kinds over the years, and is also an actress and screenwriter – you can catch her in US terrorism thriller American Odyssey – but recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to record the new solo EP, on which she’s backed by Dean Marchi, Wilson Montuori and Jonnie Miles.

Of the song itself, Rashmi says: “The slower version of Puzzle is intimate and vulnerable. It shares the painful feeling of not being able to figure out how to put the puzzle of life all together. You know some pieces are missing, but you don’t know how to find them, or sometimes, even what they are. You want answers without being able to articulate the questions. How do you know? This song in its forthcoming honesty is very close to my heart.”

The hype sheet for this one recommends it to fans of Patty Griffin, Kate Bush and Natalie Merchant; we might add to that list Fairport Convention, Dead Can Dance and Sheila Chandra. But as ever, you can make your own mind up…

Like that? Then find Rashmi on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, or at her own website.

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