EXCLUSIVE! ‘Ones You Love The Most’ by Kate Ellis

Kate Ellis
Kate Ellis

Today’s exclusive is from the superb Kate Ellis

Today’s exclusive comes courtesy of a Louisiana born, New York raised and London based Americana singer-songwriter with a crisp style

I’m sure you’d all like to claim that your musical heritage included Hank Williams, as would we. However, not all of us are Americana singer-songwriter, Kate Ellis, who provides us with today’s exclusive track.

Ellis’s father once played with Williams on the Louisiana Hayride, the country music show noted for helping to start the careers of Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. Despite this background, Ellis initially pursued a career in law, not music.

Having eventually found her musically footing, Ellis has kindly gifted you with exclusive access to her brilliant song, Ones You Love The Most. Of the track she says:

“It tells stories (Short Cuts-style) of a cast of characters, from different backgrounds and circumstances, all living out this same heart-breaking reality in their lives, in different ways and with different consequences. The choruses were inspired by someone I knew who left her children, believing it was the best thing for everyone. In the first chorus, I had an image in my mind of the children being left behind by a mother who believes wholeheartedly that she is doing the right thing, but can’t see the awful reality of the pain she’s leaving behind for others to endure.

Continuing: “The recording has that train rolling down the tracks feel of some Johnny Cash songs, and echoes of a New Orleans-style marching band.”

She’s been likened to Alison Krauss, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Beth Nielsen Chapman and Gillian Welch. We couldn’t agree more and think that fans of Sierra Hull and Patty Loveless will also dig Ellis’ sound.

As always, though, we’ll leave the final assessment on the accuracy of those comparisons up to you…

Like that? Then find Kate Ellis on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook or at her own website.

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