EXCLUSIVE! ‘Midday Sun’ by Dave Hanson

Dave Hanson
Dave Hanson

Dave Hanson: out in the midday sun

The ex-guitarist from Leeds indie outfit The Dunwells is going it alone, and we’ve got his new single right here

We’ve got a record FOURTH exclusive for you this week, and it comes from Dave Hanson. Dave was formerly guitarist with Leeds indie-folk band The Dunwells but is now stepping out as a solo artist, and today Songwriting is delighted to bring you the world premiere of his forthcoming single Midday Sun.

The Dunwells have proved more successful in the US than in their native UK, with the band supporting Mumford & Sons in the States and appearing on the Tonight show with Jay Leno, and several of their singles reaching the Top 40. Nevertheless, Hanson made the decision a couple of years ago to leave. He’s spent the past couple of years perfecting his solo chops, and now his debut album Almost Horizontal is ready for release on 3 June. It’ll be trailed by the single Midday Sun and promoted via a tour of the nation’s Cafe Nero coffee shops, the chain having sponsored the album’s recording.

Dave says of the song: “I spent a lot of time in Los Angeles and was inspired by the romanticism of the sunny, laidback Californian lifestyle. The place is like a time machine for vintage cars. The weather preserves them so well – you don’t see many rust buckets like here in the UK. So the song sums up my ideal Californian day – sunshine, cars and good times.”

We think Midday Sun sounds a little like what you’d get if Gerry Rafferty tried his hand at reggae, but as ever, you can make your own minds up!

Like that? Then find Dave Hanson on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or at his own website.

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