EXCLUSIVE! ‘I’ll Find A New Love, Too’ by The WizBangs

The WizBangs
The WizBangs

Today’s exclusive is from brilliant father and sons trio The WizBangs

Today’s exclusive is from a father and sons pop-rock trio who channel the spirit of 60s’ rockabilly and roots rock

There have been more than a few famous family founded bands in pop music: The Carpenters,The Cribs and, of course, Oasis, to name but three. US father and sons trio The WizBangs are keeping the tradition strong.

Comprised of Jim Feenstra (vocals, bass) and his two sons, Charles Feenstra (vocals, guitar, keys) and J.P. Feenstra (drums), the group came together after Charles and Jim began writing songs together during the former’s time in rehab. Having brought J.P.into the fold the end result is a rootsy pop-rock band with rockabilly undertones.

I’ll Find A New Love, Too is the trio’s new song and of the track Jim says: “I’ll Find A New Love, Too is a lovers quarrel; or more appropriately, an ex-lovers quarrel. It’s an “I’m hurt and I’ll show you” tale that we’ve all probably experienced in one way or another. When crafting the lyrics and story, it just spoke to me as one of those 60’s rockabilly songs. Because it was more spite and anger than hurt, I wanted it up-tempo and I just had to have a sax in it.”

They’ve been likened to The Beatles, The Doors and The Kinks. We also think that fans of Creedence Clearwater Revival and The Allman Brothers Band will find much to enjoy in I’ll Find A New Love, Too. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Listen below and decide for yourselves…

Like that? Then find The WizBangs on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook or at their own website.

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