EXCLUSIVE! ‘Honey’ by Erica Russo

Erica Russo
Erica Russo

Erica Russo recalls the excellent Warpaint. Image by Simon Scher

Tonight’s exclusive comes courtesy of a North Carolina songwriter who has a darkly infectious style which recalls the excellent Warpaint

US songwriter Erica Russo is based in North Carolina, which is known as the “Old North State.” However, NC may soon become known for a something a little more current if Russo has her way, with the alt-folk writer set to release her excellent new LP Honey on 16 September.

Of the LP’s title track Russo says: For me, Honey sums up the feeling of the album as a whole. We had been performing this song for years and it hadn’t been the right time to record it until this record. It has made a home here with the other songs, taking the place of the windows and allowing space for the listener to look outwards or inwards in which direction they choose.”

Erica Russo has been likened to Regina Spektor and She & Him. We also think that her dark, dangerous and seductive melodies recall the brilliant Warpaint. Why trust us? Listen below and find out why…

Like that? Then find Erica Russo on Instagram and Facebook or at her own website.

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