EXCLUSIVE! ‘Heavy Dog’ by Foxanne


Today’s exclusive is by the lovely, Foxanne. Credit: Liz Ornitz

Today we bring you a truly lovely song by an ‘independent post-pop’ trio who channel St. Vincent and Devendra Banheart

They’ve been called “both sensuous and original in nature,” and when you listen to the song that US post-pop trio Foxanne have gifted you that statement will ring true.

The song in question is titled Heavy Dog and of the track, band member Chelsea Gohd has this to say: “Heavy Dog is a song about moving on respectfully from a relationship. I used the metaphor of an old, heavy dog to symbolize the ending bond. The dog understands that its time has come and it crawls under the tree to lay in my lap and leave with love. A hyperactive puppy soon enters the picture, not a new relationship exactly, but rather life in front of the relationship.

Continuing: “The bridge was actually written live. I was debuting the song at an underground poetry night and realized mid song that it needed something else, so I improvised a bridge and loved it enough to keep it. The guitar part, the backbone of the song, is extremely repetetive and drone-like. I was inspired by Devendra Banhart’s earlier guitar style for this part. Especially in his songs like Owl Eyes, the delicate drone of this fingerpicking style really allows the lyrics and story to be front and centre.

Adding: “Jeff Taylor’s guest backing vocals coud almost be missed if you weren’t looking for them. In production, I thought that it would be fitting and feel right if his voice was almost the ghostly partner to mine. We shaped Andrew and Mike’s parts in the studio to act almost like rolling thunder. Heavy, low tones support the song like the score to a very short film.”

They’ve been compared to St. Vincent, Devendra Banheart, and Florence + the Machine. Are those comparisons right? Listen below and you’ll find out…

If you like that then check out Foxanne’s website, and Facebook for more.

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