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EXCLUSIVE! ‘Head Start’ by Lines West

Lines West

Lines West are a slick pop project.

Our first exclusive of the week is from a rootsy pop/rock songwriting team whose writing is steeped in classic pop

Lines West is comprised of songwriting duo Radzin and Larney. Having spent time working with artists as important as Slash, Neil Diamond and Grammy-nominated producer David Mayfield, the pair have brought their considerable songwriting skills to this slick pop project.

Radzin traces his songwriting roots back to car rides across the prairie, during which he spent the journeys singing harmonies with his mother, brother and sisters. After studying music at the University of Wisconsin, he then spent two years in London and eight in LA before decamping to Connecticut.

Larney’s songwriting background is a little more mysterious. What we do know, though, is that his debut solo album – 2013s’ Jupiter With You – was recorded by the aforementioned industry heavyweight David Mayfield and arrived to rave reviews.

Head Start is Lines West’s new track and of the song they say: “I think many of us have felt the tendency to want to just run away when things hit a downturn in a relationship. Head Start is a take on those feelings and wanting to just tear everything down before it can hurt too much. Oftentimes when you leave a relationship, the feelings and memories can haunt you and try to bring you back, whether physically or in a more ethereal way. This song paints the picture of just that. It starts our new album The Ghost For You, which is a concept album about loss, disappearance, return and redemption.”

Lines West have been compared to Michael Penn, Joe Henry and The Jayhawks. We also think that you’ll find elements of the classic pop songwriting found in The Beatles’ legendary LP Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band in the song. As always, though, the final verdict falls to you…

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