EXCLUSIVE! ‘Days Like Falling Stars’ by Shambhu


Tonight’s exclusive is from the brilliant Shambhu

Today’s exclusive comes courtesy of an acclaimed US-based guitarist and composer, whose 30 years spent studying meditation inform his music

Shambu is seeking to bring a little balance and harmony into the world. With the Trump years having just begun, the US based guitarist and composer releases his third full-length album, Soothe, next month with the hope that it’s prog-jazz tones will do just that.

As he explains: “My songs emerge inside silence of meditation. The music seeks to express a harmony of melody, chords and rhythm aimed at inspiring the listener.”

Speaking specifically of today’s exclusive track, Days Like Falling Stars, he says: “This is one of my most sweeping melodies. The song touches a sublime spiritual dimension. Paul McCandless delivers nothing less than an epic performance, and I’m incredibly proud of the song and guitar performance warmly supported by pianist Frank Martin and Michael Manring.”

He’s been likened to Oregon, Paul Winter and Will Ackerman. We’re adding William Ellwood and George Winston to that list because, well listen below for yourselves and you’ll understand just why…

Like that? Then find Shambhu on SoundCloud, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook or at his own website.

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  1. Sujantra

    I know Shambhu and his music…he resonates from a deep energy. I utilize his music for inspiration and to de-stress at the end of a challenging day!

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