Broom features on AMFM’s self-titled debut EP. Image by Abner James

Tonight’s exclusive is from an indie-rock band whose frontman has a musical background that’s markedly different to his current sound

You might not believe it from the sound of tonight’s exclusive track Broom, but David Caruso, frontman of the US (New York and New Jersey) indie-rock group AMFM, has a background steeped in Steely Dan and jazz.

Having played, in his own words, 1,000’s of jazz gigs, Caruso was searching for a mix engineer on craigslist and came across Harper James. Like Caruso, James also came from a jazz background but was looking to expand his repertoire. Their coming together saw Caruso inspired to write AMFM’s upcoming self-titled debut EP.

Broom features on AMFM’s debut EP and Caruso had this to say about the song: “This song was written around the drums…this sort of bouncing feeling. Once I had the feel it sort of wrote itself”.

AMFM count Tame Impala, Real Estate, Kurt Vile, New Pornographers, Stephen Malkmus, Radiohead and Dawes among their influence. We think, though, that there’s a real hint of the criminally underrated British rock trio Hard-Fi in their sound. Don’t just take our word for it, though, listen to Broom for yourself and make up your own damn mind!

Like that? Then find AMFM on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook or at their own website.

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