‘Drink Hunter’ by Aliment (Single)

Drink Hunter by Ailment

Aliment: more punk than pop

Drink Hunter sees Spanish noise-pop trio Aliment adopting a breakneck approach to their blend of ferocious punk and melodic pop

Drink Hunter by Ailmentpanish noise-pop trio Aliment scream out of the speakers on their new single Drink Hunter, and like Brighton act Tyrannosaurus Dead, they do their best to cover their melodic tones with a thrashing speed.

Breaking from a pop-infused intro, Aliment bleed into a near garage-rock dirge which places raw and heartfelt vocals on top of drums that race as though they’ve been given the 30-second call from the sound guy. Drink Hunter then closes with a well worked solo that careens into a spluttering of noise.

Like their gloriously chaotic peers Playlounge, Aliment’s take on the punk/pop hybrid is weighted more heavily in favour of the former genre, despite melody’s protestations to the contrary. This means that while Drink Hunter is impressively catchy – demanding repeat listens – it’s a spikey number at its core which is more incessant than sweet.

Drink Hunter is taken from Aliment’s forthcoming second album Silverback. Album number two is set for a 2 October release and if this track is anything to go by, then Aliment will be catching the ear of fans of noise-pop long into the autumn.

Verdict: Spikey but addictive pop-punk

Damien Girling

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