Slowcoaches ‘Nothing Gives’ cover

‘Drag’ by Slowcoaches (Single)

Slowcoaches. Photo: Jonny Davies

Slowcoaches: one of the must-see live acts. Photo: Jonny Davies

This London-based trio bring their loud and abrasive music to the masses. Well, that is what punk is all about

Slowcoaches 'Nothing Gives' coverThis punk-fuelled slack metal outfit are not satisfied with sticking to playing women only biker festivals in Wales; the band are tearing up Hackney Wick warehouses in the vain of 90s rave. The band’s raucous gigs are earning them the reputation of one of the must-see live acts, and their recorded material is just as good.

Drag is the new single from the band’s debut album and it is wall-to-wall chaos from the song’s feedback intro. According to Slowcoaches frontwomen Heather Perkins: “It [the song] has a line in it that isn’t actually words.”

For those of you who think all punk sounds the same then listen up. Slowcoaches have an amazing ability when it comes to sampling all of punk’s best bits, from every decade since the 70s. From The Germs to The Nerves, to grunge’s Mudhoney, there is a delightful array of influences within the band’s music.

Verdict: It’s loud well before the volume hits 11

David Chrzanowski

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