‘Call It What You Want’ by New Revival (EP)

New Revival
New Revival

New Revival combine punk with hard rock and classic metal

The debut EP from this Welsh rock outfit displays much potential, despite failing to quite hit the mark this time around

New RevivalNew Revival are a rock four-piece seemingly taking Wales by storm. Their debut single Patrick Swayze has received in excess of 10,000 views on YouTube, while BBC Radio Cymru and BBC Radio Wales praise the lads highly, describing them as ’Spikey Spunk’.

Patrick Swayze opens the EP and it crashes into your life like a pub cover band on a Saturday night. A blend of hard rock and classic metal, the use of a wah-wah pedal in the guitar solo emphasises this point. New Kid shows signs of a punk influence: fast, repetitive and jumpy, it proves more credible than the preceding track. S.T.A.Y keeps in tune with the punk vibe, but paints it with a hard rock coating, while Roll The Die goes back to that pub-rock sound heard in the first track.

New Revival’s debut EP acts like a smorgasbord of their talents and influences. If molded correctly, they will produce a solid debut album; however if they aren’t,  the result could be messy and conflicting.

Verdict: A tasty offering, but too much seasoning

Dave Chrzanowski

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