1000 Seasons by The Rentals (Single)

The Rentals-Lost In Alphaville

The Rentals

‘1000 Seasons’ casts The Rentals in a glowing light, with their first album for 15 years arriving at month’s end

Rentals-Lost In Alphaville

he 90s alt-rock connoisseurs among you will know Matt Sharp as the former bassist of Weezer. But since 1995, Sharp has fronted synth-soaked rock troupe The Rentals, who return with 1000 Seasons and offer a taste of their upcoming album Lost In Alphaville – the band’s first in 15 years.

Opening with the familiar combination of synth filth and guitar dirge that Sharp has taken as his popgun, it’s as if they never left. Retained too is the desire to hide their melodies just under the surface. Consequently there’s a subtle addiction to be found in the band’s mastery of the pop dynamic, with their layers of noise used to create a songwriting approach that makes it impossible not to nod along.

With a sound as dense as a swimming pool of custard, 1000 Seasons is Krautrock for the plaid shirt generation and with Lost In Alphaville due out in three weeks, this is the perfect primer.

Verdict: Weighty, synth addled alt-Kraut

Damien Girling

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