Misbehave by High Hazels (Single)

High Hazels – Misbehave cover

High Hazels

‘Misbehave’ sees High Hazels’ rocky guitar pop bubbling up to the surface, with the band set for much wider acclaim

High Hazels-Misbehave

heffield four-piece High Hazels released their debut single Hearts Are Breaking last autumn. Sitting between the moody grace of Richard Hawley and the affecting psych-pop of The Coral, it marked them as ones to watch. Returning with Misbehave, their potential has sharpened further.

Quickly evident is the band’s range of approach. Where Hearts Are Breaking was a pop lovely, Misbehave is a purposefully rocky number. Opening with a prodding bassline and leading into a riff that’s one part Arctic Monkeys and another Kasabian, they bleed with the confidence of a band who believe completely in their songwriting. Thankfully they’ve not sacrificed the psych element either, hiding it expertly underneath the rhythm section and using it to augment their sound.

Misbehave is a quintessentially Brit slice of guitar pop, one that would have sounded in place at any time during the last 20 years… and one that could see High Hazels position themselves happily in the charts alongside their fabled city mates Arctic Monkeys.

Verdict: Tuneful Brit-rock with a psychedelic pop twist

Damien Girling

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