Introducing… Marlene Oak

Marlene Oak
Marlene Oak

Marlene Oak: I just write what comes out of my mind. Pic: Adrian Pehrson

The Swedish folk-blues singer-songwriter looks set to impress everyone with her luscious vocals and standout productions on her new EP

Name: Marlene Oak

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Style: Blurring the lines between folk and blues, with hints of jazz

Look out for: New EP Silver Moon

2019 is set to be a massive year for music and ready to take the singer-songwriter scene by storm is the impressive Marlene Oak who will be releasing her brand new EP Silver Moon.

During her teenage years, Oak started to take music seriously and is now a fully fledged artist. Speaking about she got into songwriting, she shares: “I started to get more involved in it [music] when I was about 13, and I was 14 when I started writing my own songs. I just write what comes out of my mind.”

During her songwriting sessions, it’s just Marlene Oak and her guitar: “Often I just sit with my guitar and play something and sometimes a melody just pops up in my head. When I get an idea I try to remember it and write down the lyrics or record the melody as soon as possible, because ideas come and go by too fast sometimes.”

And the singer is keen for fans to decide for themselves about her exciting jazz-influenced style saying, “I think it’s better if they [the fans] listen to it and make up their own mind,” and with the new EP, Marlene had great fun working on the project which promises to put her on the map. “It was very fun, I got the chance to record the EP in an amazing studio at Skeppsholmen with my band. I’m very grateful to have worked with so many great people – Linn Fijal, who recorded and mixed my upcoming EP and my amazing bandmates”, she adds.

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Marlene’s EP Silver Moon is out on 15 February. Find out more at and

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