Yamaha APX600 and CPX600

Yamaha updates acoustic electric guitars

Yamaha APX600 and CPX600

Yamaha’s new thin-body APX600 (top) and medium-jumbo CPX600

The APX600 and CPX600 models keep construction and electronics of their predecessors, but offer enhancements in looks, sound and playability

Yamaha has announced the launch of the APX600 and CPX600 acoustic electric guitars, instruments that have been designed with the aim to improve on the craftsmanship, design, tone and playability of the APX500II and CPX500III.

The APX600 continues the company’s thin-body line of guitars, whereas the CPX600 offers a medium-jumbo profile. While the new models maintain the scalloped bracing and electronics of the 500III generation, key new features include fresh finishes for both models and an upgrade to a genuine abalone rosette in the APX600. In addition, the scale length of the APX model has been shortened from 25 9/16 inches to 25 inches.

The thin-body APX600 comprises a spruce top, eastern mahogany back and sides, die-cast tuners and Yamaha’s System55T preamp – a one-way piezo pickup with three-band equaliser with an adjustable midrange, and an onboard tuner. The medium-jumbo profile CPX600 is the full-bodied sibling of the APX600, and also offers a spruce top, eastern mahogany back and sides, die-cast tuners, and System55T preamp.

“Guitarists today favor acoustic electric instruments that carry a smaller profile to make them more portable and versatile in both amateur and pro settings,” commented Yamaha’s Dennis Webster. “The APX600 and CPX600 are the perfect answer, and these latest models are built to suit the needs of discerning players.”

The Yamaha APX600 will be priced at $470 (approx. £355) and the CPX600 will be $575 (approx. £435), with both guitars shipping in January 2018. Both models are available in Old Violin Sunburst and Black, the APX600 is also available in Vintage White and Oriental Blue Burst, and the CPX600 in Root Beer and Vintage Tint. For more information, visit usa.yamaha.com

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