Toontrack releases EZkeys Small Upright

EZkeys Small Upright piano
EZkeys Small Upright piano

Toontrack EZkeys Small Upright piano and Indie Pop MIDI pack

Now songwriters can digitally replicate the distinct, focused tone of the ‘Bambino’ upright piano, and get the Indie Pop sound

Small Upright is the latest (and ninth) release in the EZkeys series which sees Toontrack sticking to their Scandinavian roots with a six-octave model 1001 piano by August Hoffman – a Swedish brand with lineage tracing back to the late 1800s. Built in the 1970s and often referred to as the ´Bambino´, the piano produces a distinct, focused tone. Despite being long out of production, the piano can still be heard in songs by many indie pop, rock and alternative bands today.

To coincide with the release of Small Upright, Toontrack have also released a new EZkeys MIDI pack that continues the Indie Pop theme. Inspired by some of the key artists from the post-punk late 1970s London, through the synthesizer era of the 80s, the explosion of 90s Britpop, to the countless variations of today, Indie Pop MIDI delivers a set of song foundations that touches on pop, rock, soul, synth and psychedelia.

Toontrack’s EZkeys Small Upright is available for £91.94, or £41.95 when purchasing the Sound Expansion to use with an existing EZkeys installation. The Indie Pop EZkeys MIDI pack is £17.95. Toontrack products are distributed by Time+Space in the UK. For more details, visit:

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