TC Electronic reveals the BodyRez acoustic pickup enhancer

TC Electronic BodyRez acoustic guitar pedal
TC Electronic BodyRez acoustic guitar pedal

TC Electronic BodyRez acoustic guitar pedal

A simple new guitar pedal designed to restore and enhance the amplified tone of acoustic instruments with an under-saddle pickup

veryone knows that the sound of resonating wood is what gives an acoustic guitar its particular sonic allure, but doesn’t always translate well when you amplify the instrument using a piezo pick-up system. So Danish audio equipment manufacturer, TC Electronic has developed a solution in the shape of the BodyRez – a pickup enhancer for acoustic guitars.

Despite its simplistic one-dial design, under the surface the BodyRez’s electronics utilise a number of pre-configured filters and subtle compression to restore the natural tone and feel of the acoustic instrument and bring its amplified tone back to life. In addition, BodyRez has a built-in phase-reversal feature which helps avoid low-end feedback and the True Bypass footswitch allows the noiseless removal of cables when switching guitars on stage.

Key features include:

  • Studio-quality acoustic guitar tone
  • Restores natural playing feel
  • Built-in feedback suppression
  • Mute function
  • Ultra-compact design
  • True Bypass
  • 9V region-specific power supply included

TC Electronic’s BodyRez will be available from September at an estimated retail price of $100/£70. Watch the promotional demonstration video from TC Electronic below and, for more details, visit:

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