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‘Calling Out’ by EZTV (Album)


EZTV are Ezra Tenenbaum, Michael Stasiak and Shane O’Connell

The Brooklyn trio, who once auditioned for Spiritualized, deliver a glorious debut long-player packed with warmth, melody and classic songwriting

EZTV 'Calling Out' album coverith the addition of Michael Stasiak on drums and Shane O’Connell on bass, what started out as a Ezra Tenenbaum solo project became EZTV. Calling Out is the debut from the Brookyln trio, who once failed an audition to be members of Spiritualized’s touring band. Listening to this deliciously jangly record you can’t help but feel that Jason Pierce’s loss is very much everyone else’s gain.

From the opening guitar chimes of Bury Your Heart you are greeted by an album that is packed with warmth, melody and classic songwriting. These are songs that can be enjoyed for their immediate charm, take Trampoline for example, a glorious sliver of sunny pop-rock. Any summer’s evening would be improved by having The Light as its soundtrack.

However, scratch a little deeper and you will find plenty of troubled soul-searching behind the cheerful exterior. On Blue Buzz, Tenenbaum sings “loneliness will make you age / faster than you want to” and this melancholic undertone is present throughout. Rather than clash with the music, the introspective lyrics are elevated upon its lightness, as if the band’s troubles are being carried away on a beautiful cloud.

You should flock to Calling Out because of its timeless sound, but you should stick around because of the hidden sorrow beneath. EZTV have surely made one of the debut albums of the year.

Verdict: Summer melodies with an autumnal heart

Duncan Haskell

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