New PSR keyboards from Yamaha

Yamaha PSR keyboards
Yamaha PSR keyboards

Yamaha’s new portable keyboards: the PSR-E453 (top) and PSR-EW400 are “ideal starter instruments”

Two new models – the 61-key PSR-E453 and 76-key PSR-EW400 – are added to the manufacturer’s range of portable instruments

Music instrument corporation, Yamaha has added two new models to its family of portable keyboards: the 61-key PSR-E453 and the 76-key PSR-EW400. The instruments offer a range of sounds and features for beginners or the more experienced keyboard player, both suitable for live performance and songwriting.

The 61-key PSR-E453 provides both audio and MIDI transfer via USB, enabling connectivity between the keyboard and a computer, including keyboard performance information and song playback data. Additionally, assignable ‘Live Control’ knobs on the PSR-E453 allow for manipulation of voices and styles, similar to an analog synth. The keyboard includes more than 750 high-resolution instrument voices, a ‘DJ Pattern Mode’ of loops and beats, and a 6W on-board speaker system.

Designed with the piano-focused player in mind, the PSR-EW400 is the first keyboard in the series to incorporate 76 touch-responsive keys in a wider design, providing extra room for split keyboard and piano playing. The instrument features a high-resolution Live! Grand Piano voice, an arpeggio function, a 12W per side sound system and auxiliary line outputs for connecting to external amplification. The keyboard also allows the user to tailor the sound and effects, save them to Registration banks on a USB drive and then reload them.

“The PSR-E453 and PSR-EW400 are ideal starter instruments, but also are robust alternatives for experienced players who seek advanced capabilities for their live performance and/or their composing,” explains Yamaha’s Mark Anderson. “While both are smart investments, the PSR-E453 is an easy choice for those wanting to add personal control options to their performance, while the PSR-EW400 is the perfect answer for a gigging pianist on a budget.”

The Yamaha PSR-E453 is priced at £255 and PSR-EW400 at £359 with both portable keyboards available now. For more information, visit:

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