Korg offers extended lightweight tuning

Korg AW-LT100GB tuner

Korg AW-LT100G for guitar (left) and AW-LT100B tuner for bass

Manufacturer says the new AW-LT100G clip-type tuners provide 100 hours of continuous operation, with miniaturised models for guitar and bass

Korg has introduced a new range of clip-type tuners that can be attached directly to your instrument, with the new lineup now consisting of the AW-LT100G for the guitar and the AW-LT100B specifically for bass – a first for Korg tuners. Both models offer an extended battery life with approximately 100 hours of operation using a single AAA battery.

The body’s lightweight design features triangular shuttle switches and each model uses a specific circuit that’s been pared down to the essentials, designed to deliver faster meter response. In addition, the AW-LT100B features enhanced sensitivity for detecting the low-frequency range, for basses that have more than four strings.

Instead of the button cell battery used in many previous clip-type tuners, the AW-LT100G/B uses a single AAA battery that has a higher capacity – an alkaline battery allows 100 hours of continuous operation. Even with the AAA battery fitted, the tuner weighs-in at 32g.

The AW-LT100G is designed specifically for guitar, using a chromatic mode, and is said to demonstrate improvements in the meter’s tracking, stability, and response speed. The AW-LT100B is designed specifically for bass, with a chromatic mode and dedicated circuitry that is built to boost the detection sensitivity in the ultra-low range below 100 Hz. A calibration function supports a variety of concert pitches, an auto power-off function, and a memory backup function.

The VA-type color LCD display offers a high-brightness white backlight and a color LCD meter, as well as a wide viewing angle. Players can choose from three different meter display modes: in addition to the standard “regular” mode, these tuners also offer “strobe” and “half-strobe” modes to visualise slight pitch changes by showing the direction and speed in which the meter flows. When in strobe mode, the AW-LT100G/B achieves ultra-high-precision tuning as accurately as ±0.1 cent.

Both the Korg AW-LT100G and AW-LT100B tuners will be available in July at a suggested retail price of £24. For more details, go to: korg.com

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