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Waves Audio Greg Wells PianoCentric
Waves Audio Greg Wells PianoCentric

Waves Audio Greg Wells PianoCentric

Waves Audio has worked with the Grammy-nominated producer and songwriter, to create a new piano and keyboard sound engineering plugin

Audio plugins and signal processors developer Waves Audio has announced the availability of Greg Wells PianoCentric – a new addition to the Waves Signature Series of plugins, which has been developed in collaboration with Grammy Award-nominated producer, songwriter and mixing engineer Greg Wells.

Widely regarded as a an accomplished pianist and piano aficionado, Wells has worked on songs that have gone on to sell over 85 million units for the likes of Adele, Katy Perry, Mika and One Republic. By providing access to his customised tools, signal flow and piano processing techniques, the PianoCentric plugin aims to make mixing piano easier and to offer a wider array of sonic options from full-range piano to lo-fi filtered sounds.

“The piano is a hard instrument to record and even harder to make sit in the mix properly,” admits Wells. “I have been playing piano as a studio musician for 30 years. Anytime I heard an engineer do something that got me closer to the piano sound in my head, I paid very close attention. Under the hood of the PianoCentric plugin is every technique I’ve learned over the years for how to make piano sound amazing in the studio.”

Greg Wells goes on to explain how the plugin was designed to reach two different solutions: “One destination is gorgeous, punchy piano that will cut through any mix with lots of drums and other elements. The second and opposite destination is more like an old bullet microphone in mono, inside the piano – lo-fi and a little crunchy. Enjoy!”

Greg Wells PianoCentric is available now from Waves Audio directly at a regular price of $149 (approx. £100) via their website:

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